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Hi friends! My name is Aubree

I'm so happy you're here! 

City Planner turned Virtual Assistant

Like many people, at 18 years old college was the obvious next step in life.

My parents stressed the importance of getting a college education and so I pursued, what I thought, was my passion.

I had my heart absolutely set on California so I only applied to California schools.

Risky? Probably.

But I ended up being accepted early decision to my #1 school. My mom cried. I cried. I was going to be an Engineer.

(But Aubree, the title of this section is CITY PLANNER turned Virtual Assistant, what gives?)

Well, after two years - you read that right - two years, I was miserable basically failing in every class that mattered and unsure of what I was going to do.

I really didn’t want to leave California,  so I found an intro class to urban planning. It counted as elective for engineering at the time so I thought, what the heck - if anything it’s an easy A to get my shitty GPA up. 

LA Livin'

After graduating with my City Planning degree, a couple of friends and I packed up our things and headed down to LA! I had no job, no plans but we had a free place to stay and some money saved up from our part-time jobs. 

I spent the next few months applying to every City Planning job that I saw open. Crickets. 

I kept at it, applying to things that would even be an hour commute or more.


I  found the VA World

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And then I found the Virtual Assistant world!

And I haven’t looked back.

I’m still working in the corporate setting too. Let's be honest, LA is expensive!

However, I’ve found the balance of both and love having this creative outlet.

I shifted gears a bit and started looking for jobs not in City Planning. I landed on a customer service job, answering phones for a baby company.

The plan was to work there for 6 months and then begin the search again for City Planning.

My 6th month at this job was March of 2020… oof

In a matter of moments, I was being sent home to work remotely for what we thought would be 2 weeks (HAH) and feeling lucky to just have a job.

I started to think about what my plan was. What I wanted out of life.

And truthfully when I thought about it, it wasn’t City Planning.

Every time I read those job descriptions I felt my soul dying inside.

I wasn’t applying to Urban Planning jobs because I wanted those jobs, I did it so I could use my degree. So it felt like it was worth it.

But for what?

I shifted gears

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